Our team, which has been professionally producing information technologies since 1999, continues to work under the brand BVT Bilisim since 2011. With the excitement of the first day, we continue to carry out studies that leave a mark on the industry in many areas, from media to games, from popular science articles to news.

We continue to lead the internet world with our unique and pioneering projects.

On August 1, 2001, we launched our first ambitious web project, This step we took into the internet world was quickly followed by others. While the internet was still in its infancy in our country, we had already taken our place.

Our projects, which reached millions of visitors in a short time and whose names are memorized by almost everyone who uses the internet, have become strong brands. Today, we continue to make a name for ourselves with our projects focused on the media and game world.

WEB Projects100%
Game Development100%
Live Streaming Service100%
Content Production100%

Projects; We offer service to our visitors with 12 active WEB projects.

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Game; 23 original game projects, all of our own design.

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Visitors; We reach an average of more than 500 thousand visitors per day.

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Page Views; We get more than 2 million page views daily.

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We strive to provide the highest quality services in the areas we focus on with our expert team. Here are some of our services.

Live Streaming Service

We provide live streaming services to hundreds of television and radio channels with the "Canlı Tv" brand.

Game Development

We bring dozens of games we have developed under the brand "Rekor Oyun" to game lovers..

WEB Projects

We offer free content to our visitors with dozens of web projects in different fields.

Media News

We bring the most up-to-date news from the media world to our visitors with our strong editorial team.

Contact Us

You can contact us to get information about our services or projects. You can share your suggestions with us or get information about solution partnerships.

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Original Contents

Our basic principle is to make a difference in everything we do and to produce projects that are imitated, not imitated.

Pioneering Projects

We produce projects that lead their sectors and provide guidance with every step they take.

Creative Team

We are working to produce better and newer products with our experienced and expert team.


We believe that the source of our success is adhering to the principles we set out with.

These are some of our principles that are very important to us and that we try to follow without compromise in every step we take.

  • 01 User friendly projects.

    We care about ease of use and visitor experience. Instead of useless projects flooded with advertisements, we try to offer services where the user is at the center and the advertisement / content balance is kept at an optimum level.

  • We are a team that believes that the Internet should be a platform that offers free services and tries to shape all its projects around this principle. For this reason, all of our projects offer free services to end users.

  • We strive to ensure that every project we undertake is original and innovative. We strive to make a difference to the industry and offer a unique experience in all our work.



Some of the projects we have developed and continue to develop in different areas are listed below.

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  • WEB
  • GAME




Akıllı Bal Arısı


Solo Test



İngilizce Bulmaca




We are a team that loves what it does and enjoys working together.




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Content Manager


Your ideas are important to us. You can send us your criticisms, suggestions and recommendations using the form below.


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